Marika Hackman · Sugar Blind

Marika Hackman · Sugar Blind

Maundering her charming ravenousness, it’s the bellicose Marika Hackman, and her new EP — Sugar Blind. Young and talented, perhaps not all too possibly camera-shy, Hackman pivots in the neutral-zone, between the mold. One original spin is where/how she places impulse throughout, the emotive content inherent, created, inspired. The recording quality is an accomplishment, as is the strength and vibrancy with which the artist presents herself a studio musician able to articulate her songwriting skills so exceptionally well. Refreshing too, the honesty, not with any complex of myth or fables supplanting the arcane. Cinnamon is a very striking number, with its “The radio plays my favorite song, we can listen but our minds go numb.” The subject of the cover art is also choice, the coral — or is it spelled chorale? Of all life’s artsy odds and ends, from London it’s Marika Hackman, with Sugar Blind.

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